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The SNS-SC/U-SC/U-DOM2-2M is a Multi mode cable OM2 50/125 for 860nm wavelength. The OM1 multi mode cable is gradually been taken place by the OM2 cable due to its higher performance. , Fiber core: 50/125 jacket: PVC complies with OFNR, outer diameter 2.0/3.0mm ‘,Compliant with IEEE 802.3z standards for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications ,Insert loss?0.25dB Return loss ?35dB Temperature -40 to 80 Antitensile strenghth?9.0 Fiber bending radius 30 G652D, SC UPC-SC UPC duplex OM2 mm patch cord-1.jpg

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SC/UPC To SC/UPC Duplex OM2 50/125 Muti Mode Patch Cord 2m

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